Hair oil treatment

The hair oils trend goes on. No wonder, hair oils are one of safest and more effective hair care methods. It has no limitations and provides various possibilities. Meet hair oiling secrets you have never heard of before.

Hair oil treatment is a hair care method where you use only natural oils for hair or products based on oils.

Since it is easier to get pure vegetable oils and so many manufacturers combines various oils in their products, this is the method most popular for beautiful hair. Conditioners, serum and balms for hair are being long forgotten, because it is hair oils time.

What are hair oiling benefits?

  • Effectively complement nourishing deficits in hair.
  • Directly and indirectly moisturises (prevents water loss).
  • Nourishes and strengthens in natural way.
  • Provides protection for outer hair structures.
  • Matches hair porosity and condition.
  • Cannot cause any damage, because oils are fully safe.
  • Can be performed many possible ways, depending on needs.

Hair oiling. Where to start?

1. Choose the oil

The most important is to choose right oil. Read more on hair porosity. Determine the state of your hair and match right oil with its condition. Helpful maybe the below hair oils matched with hair porosity. The exemplary oils are assort accordingly to the fatty acids content and porosity.

If you have low porosity hair: coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, babassu oil.
If you have medium porosity hair: almond oil, rice oil, avocado oil, sesame oil.
If you have high porosity hair: grape seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, maize oil.

You can choose oil for your hair on your own. Just find information on the content of fatty acids. The more saturated fatty acids (characteristic for vegetable butters), the better oil for low porosity hair. Oils with monounsaturated fatty acids match hair with medium porosity, while polyunsaturated fatty acids match high porosity hair.

2. Choose hair oiling method

Hair oiling effectiveness depends on the method you choose. There are three basic hair oil treatments, which can be freely combined and modified as you want. The greatest advantage of hair oils is their versatility in use.

Dry hair oil treatment: can be executed overnight, an hour or few before hair wash, or even after hair wash; provides the least intense effects, because oil has only superficial action.
Wet hair oil treatment: can be performed before or after hair wash and oil can be kept for as long as you wish; water speeds up oil absorption, so oils action is more intense.
Hair oil treatment in the bowl: can be performed any time, but requires preparation of bowl with warm water and oils; ensures the best results.

There are no contradictions against application of oil other ways. People who are always in the rush can perform, e.g. hair oiling with oil mist, because spraying light oil on strands during the day in not a problem. These women who expect more intense effects can, however, execute overnight hair oiling, or a hair sauna. Water and high temperature intensify oils action.

3. Start hair oiling

When you choose oil or the product based on oils perfect for your hair, as well as choose the hair oil treatment method, you can go right ahead. Remember only to be methodical. Only regular and long term hair oil treatment can provide visible change.