Hair oil - which to choose?

A pinch of relax for you and... your hair. In fact, professional hair care is a moment of relaxation for your hair. You should consider using the best hair oils that restore health and allow to forget about the tiresome stylisation. Can hair oiling drastically change your hair for the better? Check out for yourself, what natural hair oils have to offer to your hair.

Although, in hair care are plenty products that can be used, oils are the one to win women's hearts in the recent months. Their properties are known and valued for centuries, or even millenniums. However, only recently we discovered its value. We learnt that pure hair oil can do more good to the hair than the best hair conditioner.

What properties do hair oils have?

Hair oils can work several different ways:

Condition - natural oils for hair ensure strands with constant nourishment (complement deficits of nourishing ingredients in scalp cells), deeply hydrate (strengthen lipid barrier and make hair not lose so much water) and smoother (seal hair cuticles and cover hair with delicate, velvety film).

Beautify - complex hair care with oils translates into more beautiful hair; strands are glossy, elastic and bouncy, have intense and deep colour, are velvety smooth and gently fall down the shoulders; perfectly chosen oils for hair can underline the coil, make stylisation and combing easier.

Regenerate - oils perfectly work with hair structure, what makes them frequently used in restorative treatments for damaged hair, which is provided with, e.g. repair to the keratin structure, expressive strengthening from the roots as well as improvement of hair bulbs structure (inhibits excess hair loss and baldness).

Heal - complex regeneration for even extremely damaged hair is not all, that oils can; these have intense healing properties, which in case of hair care mean, e.g. limit sebum secretion, which means that oily scalp is prevented, dandruff healed, irritations and inflammations are calmed.

What oil is the best for hair?

Every hair oil has different properties. All of them have beneficial impact on hair and scalp, however, each of them can provide different action. Argan oil can ensure thermo-protection, cottonseed oil protects ends, castor oil will stimulate hair growth, while cedar oil will prevent hair loss. When you choose oil, pay attention to its individual properties.

This involves not only the natural, pure, unrefined vegetable oils, but also oil mixes. Manufacturers usually make sure that oils in the product are diversified, so that you can derive what's best from their properties. Sometimes it works, while sometimes the cosmetic oils amount is narrow.

Let's see which cosmetics are worth your attention!

NANOIL – Hair Oil

Brand: Nanoil Cosmetic: Nanoil Hair Oil The only hair oil in three versions. You do not match it with the hair problem, but hair structure. Nanoil hair oil was created for three porosity types – …

NANOIL – Castor Oil (100% castor oil)

Brand: Nanoil Cosmetic: Castor Oil Castor oil continuously remains one of the world’s most popular beauty oils. It’s one-of-a-kind because its composition and fatty acid balance is unique. This makes the oil irreplaceable. Its action is exceptional, …

Why should you perform hair oiling?

Hair oiling is one of the best beautifying treatments. Not only it is effective, but also fully natural. It is based exclusively on vegetable products, which do not require enhancing to marvellously change your appearance. Should you perform hair oil treatment? Most certainly. Hair oils are perfect solution for everyone. These nourish, strengthen, provide gloss and can even regenerate. Properly chosen eliminate most common problems with hair - dandruff, oily hair, brittleness or split ends.

What do hair oils contain?

Where can you find the most nourishing substances for your hair? In vegetable extracts and oils. These contain precious to health vitamins (A,C, E and B), mineral complex (zinc, coprum and silicon), vegetable sterols and phospholipids. However, the most important are essential fatty acids - saturated, mono- and polyunsaturated. These are the most important to hair and as it happens oils contain mostly those ingredients.