YVES ROCHER – Hair Repair Oil for damaged hair

Brand: Yves Rocher
Cosmetic: Huile Réparatrice Cheveux

Yves Rocher is one of more popular French cosmetic brands. Its products are well-known and liked all over the world. Among many there is restorative hair oil Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil. It was developed for dry and damaged hair in need of deep regeneration. Regular use can change appearance of almost every hair. Perfect for all the weak hair devoid of vitality.

Can be also used to protect ends, which are the most subjected to damage.

Yves Rocher Huile Réparatrice Cheveux has short, but full-bodied composition, which is its unquestionable advantage. Seven natural oils combination makes Hair Repair Oil penetrate hair and provide complex regeneration from the inside and out. This is a hair oil with rich composition.

  • sunflower oil (Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil) – impacts scalp and improves hair condition by ensuring proper hydration, strength, gloss and softness.
  • rapeseed oil (Brassica Campestris Seed Oil) – its local use indicates protective action and provides softness.
  • castor oil (Ricinus Communis Seed Oil) – stimulates work of hair bulbs, speeds up hair growth, hair is more glossy.
  • jojoba oil (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil) – takes care of scalp, prevents dandruff and psoriasis, deeply nourishes and moisturises even very dry and brittle hair.
  • borage oil (Bogaro Officinalis Seed Oil) – has anti-inflammatory action, stimulates micro circulation in skin, cures skin diseases and strengthens hair.
  • babassu oil (Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil) – moisturises and strengthens scalp, improves hydration, prevents premature ageing processes, softens hair.
  • macadamia oil (Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil) – is absorbed by the follicles, improves general hair condition, prevents dryness and brittleness.
  • vitamin E (Tocopherol) – rejuvenates and provides cellular renewal thanks to antioxidant action and elimination of free radicals.

What’s interesting, Yves Rocher Hair Repair Oil consists of none potential harmful substances. This oil is free of silicones, alcohols and parabens. Besides the mix of oils, vitamins and additional emollient, there is nothing that could harm your hair. This is why Huile Réparatrice Cheveux is suitable for the scalp, where it delivers nourishment, strengthening and regeneration.

Hair Repair Oil by Yves Rocher is more efficient oil than you could imagine. All due to runny formula, which perfectly administers on hair. The oil has velvety and light texture, so it does not weight hair down or clump hair. It does not cause oily scalp, because it is perfectly absorbed to the inner structures. It can be used as a leave-in cosmetic. What is more, its scent is sweet and really nice, while not being suffocating.

Manufacturer recommends leaving Yves Rocher oil for 10 minutes on hair. Nonetheless, you can always leave it overnight. Then, the regeneration effect will be much more visible and faster to observe it on hair. The prize is adequate to the size, what makes it even more tempting. Besides, the oil is really efficient. The packaging is a plastic, convenient bottle with 100 ml/3.4 fl. oz. Unfortunately, there is no applicator like pump or pipette, so you must be extra careful not to spill too much product at once.


  • combination of seven oils with vitamin E,
  • light-weight formula,
  • pleasing scent,
  • 10 minutes treatment is enough to observe effects,
  • suitable for application on scalp,
  • free of silicones, alcohols and parabens,
  • adequate and affordable prize,
  • does not require rinsing.


  • no applicator,
  • plastic bottle made with medium quality materials,
  • plain design,
  • the scent evaporates quickly.