NANOIL – Castor Oil (100% castor oil)

Brand: Nanoil
Cosmetic: Castor Oil

baby castor oilCastor oil continuously remains one of the world’s most popular beauty oils. It’s one-of-a-kind because its composition and fatty acid balance is unique. This makes the oil irreplaceable. Its action is exceptional, so is its composition.

Nanoil Castor Oil is a high class product receiving raving reviews. Why is that? Simply because it’s carefully collected and cold-pressed so as to preserve the power of active substances. Castor Oil is closed in a dazzling bottle and carries Ecocert label. Basically, it couldn’t get any better than that.

This oil is favored by those who struggle with the problem of weakened hair that falls out excessively, that is thin, lifeless and reluctant to grow. Castor Oil strengthens follicles and stimulates them to work more efficiently.

Thus, owing to regular application of the oil, a sudden hair growth is noticed, including baby hair appearance.

This beneficial action is owed to the presence of an acid which Nanoil Castor Oil contains. Ricinoleic acid is a unique substance which has direct impact on the growth and state of hair. Also, it affects the tiny hair growing on our face – eyebrows and eyelashes – by darkening them, reinforcing, regenerating and preventing thinning. Getting beautiful hair overnight? This is how Nanoil Castor Oil works. Just one use is enough to notice significant improvement in hair structure. This happens because castor oil fights back water loss and adds body to hair. Another good news is that castor oil can be used to condition all hair types, even the heavy ones which porosity is low.

Recently, castor oil is experiencing its big comeback. Cosmetologists have discovered that castor oil doesn’t only affect hair growth and its reinforcement but also it’s good at removing impurities from face, disinfects it and leaves the skin perfectly clean. This makes it a fine constituent of oil blends for OCM.

Apart from organic ricinoleic acid, castor oil also features minerals and vitamins (e.g. vitamin A and E). Last but not least, quite important is the fact that castor oil structure is similar to keratin structure – this is why the oil is so potent when it comes to hair and follicle reinforcement.

If you want to learn more about natural oils by Nanoil, go on the official website by clicking here.


  • organic, unrefined, cold-pressed
  • certified by Ecocert
  • efficient, thick
  • bigger size (50 ml) than other similar products (30 ml)
  • suitable for all hair types, including damaged, thinning, dry, sensitive, mature
  • perfect for cleansing skin and regenerate nails (improves state of even severely damaged strands)
  • helps grow and take care of lashes and brows


  • mind the bottle, it’s glass so it may break
  • castor oil may darken fair hair; in such case, it shouldn’t be applied often
  • thick oil might be troublesome to spread on hair