Hair-Styling: TOP 10 Mistakes

You might have been unaware of that: incorrect hair care may cause bad condition of your hair. Surely, in this case, you can blame no one but yourself. See the day-to-day mistakes you might be unaware of.

Hair looks lovely and healthy one day but it goes frizzy, dull-looking and simply ugly on some other day. This is probably caused by the mistakes you make unconsciously. See the top ones!

1. Too cold or too hot water

You must have heard that hair should be rinsed using cold water. This isn’t true. Hair hates extreme temperatures. Hot water opens the cuticles and in turn exposes hair to mechanical and chemical damage, and the harmfulness of weather conditions.

Too cold water, on the other hand, keeps the cuticles closed so a shampoo or conditioner isn’t able to penetrate the hair. Consequently, hair follicles are damaged, hair starts falling out and breaking. Ideally, you should use lukewarm water.

Wash your hair in a gentle way using the fingertips, not nails. Before washing, comb the strands out to prevent knots. Wet hair is damaged easily so remember to be gentle. Thin the shampoo with water to distribute the product evenly and wash the hair thoroughly. This way you don’t waste too much product.

2. Over-washing the hair

You might be over-shampooing your hair. Each hair type has different needs so there’s no rule telling you how often to wash the tresses. If you need to shampoo every day, use daily-wash shampoos holding few detergents and more ingredients that have a mild washing effect on hair and scalp.

3. Under-washing the hair

This is a common mistake too. You shouldn’t take too long breaks between washes because the dirt and oil will build up and make the hair look way worse.

4. Wrong hair care

This is the most popular cause of the bad hair day. You should choose products dedicated to your hair type and care for hair consciously. Determine its porosity and choose products based on natural substances. Strong detergents in products often trigger irritations, redness and itchiness.

5. Skipping a conditioner

You can’t do that! Hair always needs nourishing after shampooing. There are conditioners for all hair types – you will surely find one for you. Apply the product to lengths, avoiding the roots.

6. Incorrect combing technique

You probably use a fine-tooth comb or brush – this is a huge mistake because hair – wet hair in particular – is exposed to damage. When you overstretch its structure, you simply worsen its condition. Choose a wide-tooth comb to avoid hair damage.

Despite that, comb it gently and slowly. Don’t tug the hair and always start combing from the ends, never the roots.

7. Rubbing the scalp

If you rub the scalp while washing, you leave it irritated. By rubbing the hair vigorously you make the cuticles raise. In turn, the hair breaks and is very dry.

8. Exposing hair to heat damage

This is a crime against your hair. While blow-drying, use only cool airflow to close the cuticles. This also concerns heat-styling tools such as curlers or flat irons. Heat styling causes damage to cuticles so hair is dry, coarse and dull.

9. No trims

By trimming the ends regularly you banish split ends that don’t add to attractiveness. Hair is moisturized, looking luminous, healthy and fresh. Your tresses must be in good condition – otherwise your styling efforts won’t give the desired effect.

10. Overload of products

This is another mistake. You should get just a couple of the best products that won’t damage the hair. The overuse of styling products – such as mousses, sprays and gels – is destructive too. The overload overburdens the tresses so they look flat and heavy. Don’t use a few products all at once.

Don’t get discouraged by the lack of instant effects. Follow the tips to get lovely, healthy hair soon.