How to speed up hair growth? Here are myths you shouldn’t believe

Once the dream transforms into a goal, we start to look for information on how to speed up hair growth. Among hundreds of manuals, you can come across those that send you on a wild goose chase. Here are myths about speeding up hair growth. Meet them all before you get yourself to be fooled!

Haircare alone turns out to be challenging. You need to moisturize, nourish, regenerate, and protect hair against numerous harmful factors. On top of it, when you add a condition that all you do needs to aid hair growth, the bar is even higher. How to cross it and have thick, long, and strong hair? Most of all, you need to stop believing in all the popular myths about hair growth.

How to speed up hair growth?

A healthy and balanced diet, hair oil treatment, proper hair care – it all can really speed up the natural hair growth. You only need to deliver the right amount of nutrients, make sure hair is hydrated, and protected against, for example, the sun, so that it can regenerate, get stronger, and grow in peace. Taking care of the hair and being gentle in its maintenance is the best you can do if you want to boost the hair growth.

Speeding up the hair growth – the myths

Still, there are things that definitely cannot help in the fight for long, thick, and beautiful hair. The myths about hair growth boost echo throughout the generation. It is time to take a closer look at the worst of advice about speeding up hair growth. Check below what you shouldn’t believe.

1. Trimming the ends will speed up hair growth.

That’s not true. The fact you cut your hair has no impact on how fast the cellular division in hair bulbs occurs. Then why do we believe that trimming the hair ends will help to get fuller hair faster? It is all due to the effect that trimming the hair ends gives and it actually happens that when you get rid of the split ends hair appears healthier, fuller, and style easier. We feel like there is more of it and that is why we tend to believe that when we will do it on a regular basis then it will have a beneficial effect in the form of longer hair.

2. When you tie your hair it makes them grow faster.

It’s a myth. Those who claim that when hair is tied it is ‘safer’ and less subjected to damages so it must grow faster, put too much faith in loose bun or braid. It is undeniable that hair that does not rub against the clothing, that isn’t pulled by the wind or exposed to the sun, will be healthier. However, hair growth will only be visual.

3. Hair can grow even 4 inches in a month.

It is not possible. Once you start hair care that is focused on hair growth, you dream of those incredible effects right after the very first month. You expect miracles, especially when you read all those manuals on the Internet. The truth is that every hair has a different potential when it comes to growth – for one person it’ll be just 0.4 inches and for others, it’ll be 2 inches. However, even when it comes to the best hair growth booster, the hair will never grow 4 inches in a month.

4. The sun can speed up natural hair growth.

It’s a mistaken belief. The sun, and to be more precise sun rays are one of the most dangerous enemies of the hair. Too frequent exposition to the sun and lack of UV protection makes hair dry, brittle, dull, and easy to break. Its inner structures are being damaged and those damages are difficult to reverse. Saying that the sun is good for hair because the sun stimulates vitamin D production is a huge overstatement.