5 Things that Damage Your Hair

Are you having problems with fixing your damaged hair? It keeps looking miserable despite your efforts? See if you are guilty of overusing one of the things we describe below. The list features five things that have a terrible effect on hair – if only you change your habits, your hairdo is very likely to stun everyone around soon.

1. SLS: shortcut to hair damage

SLS isn’t just a weird-looking abbreviation that you see on a shampoo packaging. Nobody would ever give it any thought if this wasn’t for bloggers and influencers who started to analyze the ingredient list of cosmetics. The mysterious SLS – Sodium Laureth Sulfate – is a foam-forming agent which turns out to be a strongly-irritating detergent harsh on the skin and hair. Even though it foams well, it doesn’t have any other beneficial features. Summing up, keep away from SLS!

2. Blow-dryer? It’s getting too hot!

A blow-dryer makes our life much easier – the air blast, nice warmth and you’re good to go. Are you aware of the side effects, though? The heat takes water out of the deep hair structures so hair is going extremely dry and its porosity is increased. Consequently, it’s hard to rebuild the coating that shields against damage. So, let your hair air dry when it’s possible and if you need to use a dryer, always set a safe temperature, that is approx. 40-60 Celsius degrees. The higher temperature has a very bad effect on both hair and scalp.

3. Flat iron: burning issue!

Straightener is a top enemy of your hair! Not only does it deprive it of water instantly but also breaks disulfide bonds inside the hair, which means irreversible damage: hair is in bad shape, brittle and dry. Obviously, you don’t harm the hair if you use a flat iron once in a few months but if you do this every single day, you’ll surely end up with hair that can’t be fixed soon. So, if you dream of flawless hair, it’s better to ditch a straightener.

4. Let’s talk the numbers!

80% of all hair-care products contain harmful parabens and dehydrating alcohols. Over half of them cause allergic reactions or scalp irritations. The same amount triggers the occurrence of dandruff or upsets the functioning of sebum glands, making hair oily.

Always run through the components of a product you want to buy. The INCI list gives you more information than a commercial or manufacturer promises. If silicones, parabens or alcohols are on top of the list, this means they make up over 80% of the product composition (shampoo, mask, conditioner, etc.).

Products made up of simple ingredients make the best pick – they should include natural substances and ingredients that don’t cause irritation or dry out the hair.

5. Styling = Damage

If you often use styling primers, you should be aware that hairsprays, gels and mousses aren’t so innocent. They are usually laden with chemicals and heavy, dehydrating substances that can’t be washed out with a regular shampoo. In turn, they build up on the skin and strands, making them worse. If you want healthy hair, you should use them just occasionally.