Hair Trims: Do They Stimulate Faster Hair Growth or Not Really?

All hair-care junkies have lively discussions about hair trimming. They are heated up by some fun facts and articles posted by beauty bloggers – both fans of regular trims and girls thinking you can’t grow long hair if you keep trimming the ends. What’s the truth then?

There are plenty of hair-care legends and myths. One plucked gray hair is replaced by three new hairs. Everyday shampooing causes greasy hair. Brushing the hair religiously stimulates its growth. Some of these statements are true while others are just myths that we tend to repeat and pass on. What about having a haircut? Does trimming stimulate faster hair growth? Let’s find out!

Hair trim. How often to have it done?

Sometimes having hair cut is a must. It’s the best thing you can do if you’ve got split ends – contrary to promises that hair-serum manufacturers make, it’s impossible to bind split ends back together. Obviously, you don’t need a drastic haircut, you can get the minimum length cut off – just the split ends.

Shockingly, nutritional ingredients in the hair escape through the split ends. If you don’t keep the ends healthy and smooth, you automatically make the hair dull and brittle, and consequently your hair care is unsuccessful.

Another reason why we need to cut split tips off is hair looking… bad. Some girls aren’t convinced by the fact that regular trimming makes hair more manageable but they can’t deny that this simple procedure makes tresses prettier and easier to style. It’s lifesaver for some of us. Picture split ends now. Do you like what you see?

How often to have a haircut?

You’re not obliged to have hair trimmed regularly so you don’t have to do it at all. There are no rules telling you how often to do it and how much to cut off. It all depends on our needs and condition of hair. If your hair is weak and easily-damaged, you need to reach for the scissors and cut the unnecessary strands off more often.

If we were asked to fix the exact time, we can make use of the hair-care blog tips: hair ends should be cut off once in three months. You can do it more often or take a longer break but you shouldn’t go without trimming for more than six months.

Does cutting the ends off stimulate faster hair growth?

Finally, the essential part of the post – we need to either confirm or disprove the theory: do regular trims make hair grow any quicker? If they do, how is this possible?

There is no proof that confirms the growth-boosting effect of trimming. By cutting hair you don’t enhance the follicles in any way and let’s note that the follicle is like the heart of hair. The truth is hair looks healthier and slightly thicker after cutting the ends off. A good haircut makes the hair prettier and it makes you look as if you had more hair.

Apart from this illusion, there’s one more benefit we must note: trimmed hair doesn’t lose as many nutrients so it is stronger, less brittle, more resistant to damage and no longer falls out excessively. This might be treated like an indirect positive effect on hair growth.